Asian American Voices

Asian American Voices

Authors:Lin Zhan PhD, RN, FAAN
Publication Date:November 30, 2012
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  • Description
    Engaging, Empowering, Enabling
  • About the Authors
    Lin Zhan PhD, RN, FAAN
  • Features
    Written by a team of professionals who have cared for and taught a diverse populations of clients or students.

    Numerous examples, cases, and real-world applications that help the reader relate to the material presented.

    References are listed so readers can pursue the content further.
  • Table of contents
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    Chapter 1: Culture, Health, and Nursing Education
    Lin Zhan, PhD, RN, FAAN
    Chapter 2: A Thematic Analysis of Persistence and Long-Term Educational Engagement with Southeast Asian American College Students
    Peter Nien-chu Kiang, EdD

    Chapter 3: A Critical Analysis of the Exclusion of Asian American from Higher Education Research and Discourse
    Samuel D. Museus, PhD

    Chapter 4: Mentoring Asian Students toward Entering the Health Professions
    Ivy K. Ho, PhD & Khanh T. Dinh, PhD

    Chapter 5: Diversity Research Initiatives: Reflection and Thoughts
    Lin Zhan, PhD, RN, FAAN

    Chapter 6: Chinese American Children, Families, and Special Education
    Lusa Lo, EdD

    Chapter 7: Bridging the Broken Narrative: How Student-Centered Teaching Contributes to Healing the Wounds of Trauma
    Nancy J. Lin, MA & Karen L. Suyemoto, PhD

    Chapter 8: Community Cultural Development and Education with Cambodian American Youth
    Shirley Suet-ling Tang, PhD

    Chapter 9: Ca Tri Nho : Roles of Vietnamese American Studies and Education Post-Katrina
    James Dien Bui, MSW & Peter Nien-chu Kiang, edD & Shirley Suet-ling, Tang, PhD & Janet Hong, Vo, BA

    Chapter 10: Asaian American Models of Leadership and Leadership Development in US Higher Education
    Patricia Akemi Neilson, EdD, MPH

    Chapter 11: Integrating Disciplines for Transformative Education in Health Services: Strategies and Effects
    Karen L. Suyemoto, PhD & John Tawa, MA & Grace S. Kim, PhD & Stephanie C. Day, MA & Susan A. Lambe, EdM & Phuong T. Nguyen, MA Julie M. AhnAllen, PhD

    Appendix A: Author Profiles