Asian American Voices

Asian American Voices

Authors:Lin Zhan PhD, RN, FAAN
Publication Date:November 30, 2012
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  • Description
    Asian American Voices offers an in-depth analysis of Asian American’s experiences in nursing education. It assembles reflections and intellectual dialogues for educators across disciplines and setting. It covers topics that reflect the authors’ experience teaching and working within this complex, multicultural community and their determination to empower Asian American nursing students within the context of higher education.

    Using research, personal experiences, models, and strategies the authors strive to enhance Asian American students’ interest in higher education and to offer future practitioners the knowledge to provide culturally competent care. This text is a timely resource for faculty and administrators who want to achieve diversity in higher education and to provide learning environments that stimulate all students to grow intellectually, culturally, and socially.
  • About the Authors
    Lin Zhan PhD, RN, FAAN
  • Features
    Written by a team of professionals who have cared for and taught a diverse populations of clients or students.

    Numerous examples, cases, and real-world applications that help the reader relate to the material presented.

    References are listed so readers can pursue the content further.
  • Table of contents
    List of Tables
    Chapter 1: Culture, Health, and Nursing Education
    Lin Zhan, PhD, RN, FAAN
    Chapter 2: A Thematic Analysis of Persistence and Long-Term Educational Engagement with Southeast Asian American College Students
    Peter Nien-chu Kiang, EdD

    Chapter 3: A Critical Analysis of the Exclusion of Asian American from Higher Education Research and Discourse
    Samuel D. Museus, PhD

    Chapter 4: Mentoring Asian Students toward Entering the Health Professions
    Ivy K. Ho, PhD & Khanh T. Dinh, PhD

    Chapter 5: Diversity Research Initiatives: Reflection and Thoughts
    Lin Zhan, PhD, RN, FAAN

    Chapter 6: Chinese American Children, Families, and Special Education
    Lusa Lo, EdD

    Chapter 7: Bridging the Broken Narrative: How Student-Centered Teaching Contributes to Healing the Wounds of Trauma
    Nancy J. Lin, MA & Karen L. Suyemoto, PhD

    Chapter 8: Community Cultural Development and Education with Cambodian American Youth
    Shirley Suet-ling Tang, PhD

    Chapter 9: Ca Tri Nho : Roles of Vietnamese American Studies and Education Post-Katrina
    James Dien Bui, MSW & Peter Nien-chu Kiang, edD & Shirley Suet-ling, Tang, PhD & Janet Hong, Vo, BA

    Chapter 10: Asaian American Models of Leadership and Leadership Development in US Higher Education
    Patricia Akemi Neilson, EdD, MPH

    Chapter 11: Integrating Disciplines for Transformative Education in Health Services: Strategies and Effects
    Karen L. Suyemoto, PhD & John Tawa, MA & Grace S. Kim, PhD & Stephanie C. Day, MA & Susan A. Lambe, EdM & Phuong T. Nguyen, MA Julie M. AhnAllen, PhD

    Appendix A: Author Profiles