Critical Conversations:  The NLN Guide for Teaching Thinking

Critical Conversations: The NLN Guide for Teaching Thinking

Authors:Susan Gross Forneris , Mary Kohl Fey
Publication Date:September 1, 2017
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  • Description
    With today’s health care systems demanding not only capable nurses but also reflective practitioners, nurse educators are challenged more than ever to engage students in making sense of their experiences and responding thoughtfully to diverse situations.
    Critical Conversations helps nursing educators discover how better listening can lead to better learning with insightful guidance on the conversations that drive effective understanding for both instructors and students. Applying The NLN Guide for Teaching Thinking, this monograph helps nursing educators practice and implement the most effective strategies for fostering critical conversations across simulation, classroom, and clinical learning environments. From conceptualizing learning as meaning making to the cognitive strategy of being critical and engaging learners through purposeful learning conversations, straightforward exemplars throughout the text offer a support structure to guide educators in helping students learn to think deeply and critically in any setting.
  • About the Authors
    Susan Gross Forneris
    Mary Kohl Fey