Scientific Inquiry in Nursing Education

Scientific Inquiry in Nursing Education

Authors:Barbara Patterson , Anne Krouse
Publication Date:August 16, 2016
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  • Description
    How we teach and what we teach is being questioned by multiple stakeholders in higher education, including the public at large. Given these forces, Scientific Inquiry in Nursing Education addresses the quality of the scholarship and research evidence on which nurse faculty have been basing their teaching practices.

    In order to fill a gap in nursing research, this book offers a perspective that focuses scientific inquiry directly on teaching practice. Multiple audiences will benefit from the guidance provided in these chapters:
    • Nurse scientists interested in designing, conducting, and using pedagogical research
    • Doctoral students, both PhD and DNP, for their research
    • Novice, experienced, and seasoned nurse faculty who want to conduct research in nursing education
    This book is designed for those who want to advance the science of nursing education in order to effectively teach and prepare nursing students as competent practitioners, no matter the level of their education. 
  • About the Authors
    Barbara Patterson
    Anne Krouse
  • Table of contents

    Chapter 1: Researching Nursing Education

    Chapter 2: The Role of Theory in Nursing Education Research

    Chapter 3: Generating the Research Evidence
    Chapter 4: Measuring Educational Concepts
    Chapter 5: Design-based Educational Research in Nursing
    Chapter 6: Ethical Inquiry in Research in Nursing Education
    Chapter 7: Managing, Analyzing, and Interpreting Data
    Chapter 8: Evidence-Based Teaching: Moving Evidence into Practice
    Chapter 9: Generating Simulation Evidence

    Chapter 10: Creating Evidence for Distance Education in Nursing