Hispanic Voices

Hispanic Voices

Authors:Antonia Villarruel , Sara Torres
Publication Date:April 1, 2013
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    Hispanics are the nation’s largest, youngest, and fastest-growing minority and will account for 74 percent of the growth of the labor force between 2010 and 2020; yet Hispanics are underrepresented in nursing and suffer health disparities and inadequate access to health care. Hispanic Voices: Progreso, Poder, y Promesa, (Progress, Power, and Promise) addresses these timely issues and provides educators with solutions to address the shortage of Hispanics in nursing education.


    Framed by The Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health (2011) report, Hispanic Voices: Progreso, Poder, y Promesa provides evidenced-based strategies for educators. Topics include a discussion of the future of the Hispanic Registered Nurse workforce in relation to improving quality of care and patient outcomes; nursing education and leadership; how to establish and maintain diversity in nursing education programs and how to retain Hispanic students in BSN programs; contributing factors and strategies to address the shortage of Hispanic nursing faculty; a profile of a student-led mentoring program for Hispanic nursing students; how to increase the Hispanic nursing workforce; perspectives on doctoral study abroad, the impact of globalization on nursing education, and studying abroad in Latin America; and the use of innovative technologies as a strategy to ensure Hispanic nursing student success.


    The themes of progress, power, and promise are prominent throughout Hispanic Voices: Progreso, Poder, y Promesa as culture-specific and effective approaches for recruitment, education, and leadership of Hispanics in nursing are outlined. This collection of voices communicates a vision for Hispanics in nursing as well as a legacy of commitment, dedication, resolve, and ingenuity in addressing the complex issue of educating Hispanic nurses.

  • About the Authors
    Antonia Villarruel
    Sara Torres